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Today is the Day!

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Today is the day that I truly step out without fear. Today is the day that I start the next chapter in my life. Today is what I have been bit by bit working towards for the past two years. … Continue reading

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Coming Home

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I’m home! Ok, I’ve been back for a bit over three weeks (has it really been that long?), but it feels like just a couple of days. I left peaceful, serene Bali and jumped right back into the fast-paced DC … Continue reading

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Bali Departure: The Packing Saga

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Dinner potlucks and herbal tea meetings abound here, in Ubud. Quite often you will hear talk about how Bali will always give you what you need – healing, peace, insight, inspiration. And when what you need is to leave, Bali … Continue reading

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The Magic of Street Corn

I’m coming home. Back to the States. Back to my dad’s house where I grew up. Lying in the bright red hammock in my wall-less open living room I look out into the verdant forest of coconut trees across the … Continue reading

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Coming Back to Self – An Interview (a deep one)!

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Hello! It is my pleasure to be back interviewing Zuri Walker as we document her journey abroad and into self. Zuri, it’s been quite some time, we were beginning to worry! Yes, I know. I have no excuse, I can … Continue reading

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Going on a transformation!

So I just completed the first day of an 11-day transformational retreat. 12 hours in a room of already starting to express your inner-most desires with nine other strangers… Phew! It’s actually really amazing to see the people who are … Continue reading

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Life since quitting… a writing exploration

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It’s quite amazing how quickly life has been unfolding since I quit my job. First, I transitioned from being more withdrawn and keeping to myself to attending workshops, meeting people, and building a new network of friends and fellow “journeyers”. … Continue reading

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I quit my job today

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Because an extended holiday in Bali just wasn’t giving me enough freedom. Lol. Ok, that’s not why I quit my job, well, the long-term, full-time contract that was my sole contract for the past three years. I’ve kinda been working … Continue reading

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Constructing a Journey – Part III of III

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Hello, and we’re back with our third and final installment of this series with Zuri Walker. Let’s jumps right in. (Spolier alert – this is one of those long, “touchy feely” entries!) So Zuri, what took you so long to … Continue reading

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Some photos from Bali…

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Photos, photos, and, what’s that? More photos!! Ever have so much to say it’s too much, so you say nothing at all?? Yep, that’s where I am right now! So in keeping with my desire to make regular posts, I’m … Continue reading

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