Bali Towns Visited

I thought it would be helpful to have easy access to a map of Bali to see where I am and have been.

Current residence: Rama Candi Dasa beach resort. Candi Dasa is a small “beach town” (great ocean views, evidently no more beach!) on the east coast of the island.


Towns visited:
* Denpasar (capital city)
* Ubud (royal palace, dance production, culture/arts)
* Bengli (temple ceremony)
* Kuta (beach town in south Bali, one of most well-known, attracts surfers and partiers)
* Sanur (beach on southeast coast)
* Candi Dasa (beach town on east coast)
* Ujung (site of ‘floating water palace’ of king from long ago)
* Tirtagangga (royal water palace)
* Amlapura (major town in eat Bali, known for market. Closest town that has an ATM!!!)
* Tenganan (village in east Bali where the original natives of the island live, one of only 3 places in world that practice the rare form of weaving – double ikat)

One Response to Bali Towns Visited

  1. Kim says:

    waiting to read what you have to say from 4-15 Juy! :-))
    thinking of you and hope you are doing OK.
    How’s the villa you’ve moved into?

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