Contact Me

While I am traveling abroad, I have full access to all my email accounts, so continue to use what you have.
If you do not have my email, feel free to reach me at:

For friends and family, I will also be checking Facebook, and will post my Skype number to receive calls internationally on my info page.  Lastly, there’s always good, old fashioned voicemail, which I will be checking periodically should you desire to just leave a message.

9 Responses to Contact Me

  1. campbell says:

    Heard you were traveling abroad, enjoy and travel safe.
    You are one brave women to do this extensive travel alone.
    Praying for you and take plenty of pictures
    Helena & Zanise

  2. Ronya Edwards says:

    I admire your courage, Zuri. You are an inspiration. Enjoy and safe travels!!

    • "He who can not be named" says:

      There’s a beautiful story of a spiritual traveller who went around the world, including the usual-suspect-spots in India and Tibet, and discovered enlightment in a Chicago hotel one afternoon. But how wonderful it would be if “it” arrived in an idyllic spot like Bali, huh?! Perhaps the outer context has a powerful impact on the inner exacavation. Here’s looking at you and hoping that your dig discovers the diamonds and the pearls.

      “He who can not be named”

  3. V says:

    Hey there…THANK YOU FOR THE INFO about the camera…yo you are now my inspiration! Hit me on the email!

  4. Matthew walker says:

    Hi Zurri matthew, and I were looking at the great pictures you took, and enjoying your travels.
    Unfortunately we just found out about your website. Everything looks great, and I hope you
    are enjoying yourself!
    Love uncle Matt, and Family

  5. Matthew walker says:

    An unknown writer once wrote…..” It is not the lack of opportunity in a life…
    but rather the rejection of every opportunity available!
    I belive you have the grabbed the opportunity of a life time!

  6. Lara says:

    Dear Zuri – Thank you for the beautiful words and pictures! Keep the inspiration flowing.

  7. Sandra says:

    Don’t understand twitter or blog stuff – just trying to reach you about US Airlines – Tues. seat 13F
    Did you leave something on the plane.

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