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Join Zuri as a Featured Guest on the Radio!! September 12, 2013 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM Join SIS and our special guest, Zuri Walker, for an Evening of Self- Expression: Writing from the Soul. This interactive experience will encourage … Continue reading

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The battling thoughts of a mourner

I should be writing a blog post about my life at the beach – diving with friends, eating good food and embracing the beauty and tranquility of solitude. But life has a way of crashing down around us sometimes. It … Continue reading

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Making a new friend

It is now the Bali Arts Festival, a month-long free celebration of all forms of Balinese culture held in Bali’s capital, motorbike Mecca, Denpasar. Last Sunday my camera and I meandered amongst a magnificent kick-off parade of colors, sights, and … Continue reading

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I’m like a kid when i fly

There are a lot of children on my Lufthansa flight from Philadelphia to Frankfurt. My first instinct is to worry. Will I have seven hours of a poor baby crying because they cant equalize their ears from the cabin pressure? … Continue reading

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And so the journey continues…

It’s time to go back.  Since returning Stateside last November, I have had a return ticket that has been sitting in the corner of my room flipping through old travel magazines, waiting patiently for June 4th to arrive, wondering whether … Continue reading

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Coming Home

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I’m home! Ok, I’ve been back for a bit over three weeks (has it really been that long?), but it feels like just a couple of days. I left peaceful, serene Bali and jumped right back into the fast-paced DC … Continue reading

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Bali Departure: The Packing Saga

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Dinner potlucks and herbal tea meetings abound here, in Ubud. Quite often you will hear talk about how Bali will always give you what you need – healing, peace, insight, inspiration. And when what you need is to leave, Bali … Continue reading

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The Magic of Street Corn

I’m coming home. Back to the States. Back to my dad’s house where I grew up. Lying in the bright red hammock in my wall-less open living room I look out into the verdant forest of coconut trees across the … Continue reading

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Coming Back to Self – An Interview (a deep one)!

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Hello! It is my pleasure to be back interviewing Zuri Walker as we document her journey abroad and into self. Zuri, it’s been quite some time, we were beginning to worry! Yes, I know. I have no excuse, I can … Continue reading

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The Quiet Life

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So I have moved on from the fun and sun of the beach town of Candi Dasa, and am now staying at a lovely retreat center in the small village of Sidemen in the mountains. To say that it is … Continue reading

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