About Me


Finding my Bali bliss last year – grilling fish fresh from the ocean over an open-pit fire dug in the ground!

This blog is about exploring and transforming myself through seeing the world.

Last year (April, 2011) I decided that I’d had enough of life as a Washingtonian in the fast lane. I led a successful life working for myself as a management consultant, had an active social life, and traveled the world whenever I got a free moment. But it wasn’t enough. Something was missing; my soul was at unrest.   Everyday there was a growing feeling emanating from the pit of my stomach and attacking every fiber of my being telling me, “this isn’t your true life!”

I realized that I was living the life we’re told to desire, but it wasn’t making me happy.  In America, we’re taught to suck up and be thankful for our unfilling jobs and to keep acquiring the materialistic things that force us to need and stay stuck to those jobs! I believe that we all deserve to live passion-filled, joyous lives. And I felt a calling to help others do just that.  But in order to help others live the lives of their dreams, I had to first start with yours truly!

So I moved in with my dad, packed up two backpacks, took a leave of absence from my contract and bought a one-way ticket to Bali! I thought I would be gone for maybe three months and travel around. However, I fell in love with the island, offically quit my contract (and career), and decided to just inhabit Bali for the next seven months.  I lived a happy simple life, made friends, took a;; sorts of classes (writing, scuba, silver making), and soaked in the beauty of a magical island.  There I became in touch with myself like never before.  I fell in love with me, accepting all of me – the good, the bad, and the ugly!

I came home with a renewed spirit, but not quite clear or ready to make specific career moves.  Everyone figured I had done my exploring, but now it was time to come back to reality and get a real job. Now I was committed more than ever to creating a new life! I knew my passion lay in three areas: photography, coaching others, and writing. I decided to start by focusing on the first two.  I began studying photography at a local community college, and started deep life coaching. It’s been fantastic!  I’m still not really generating money, but I’ve reached a sustained level of happiness like never before! Who needs work when you can be happy? Actually, I seek to live the mantra – “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Truth be told, some days I get scared out of my mind and wonder how and when another paycheck may come. But usually I stay faithful to my path and know that I will be creating soon enough, and to enjoy the exploration for what it is.

Fast-forward six months living at home, and another ticket to Bali, I have returned to my traveling journey – into the world, and even deeper into myself.  Follow me as I explore parts of Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali) and continue my personal transformative journey!


Oh how things have changed… Below is the original description of me. I didn’t yet have the guts to actually leave my old life. Thought I’d keep this description to remind myself just how far I’ve come!!

Quick highlight:

I am on a ‘career break’ and taking a few months off to go to Bali and wherever else the wind takes me to slow down, go within, and to see and experience the beauty of this magnificent earth and the people dwelling on it.

3 Responses to About Me

  1. Carolina Alcalde says:

    Zuri… Looking forward to experiencing the world through your stories and adventures. Be safe and have the fullest experience possible. Very excited for you!

  2. Tanyea Amos says:

    This is going to be a great journey! I can’t wait to read your blog to join you on this discovery!!

  3. tanyea says:

    This “life sabbatical” will be quite fulfilling….

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