I’m like a kid when i fly

There are a lot of children on my Lufthansa flight from Philadelphia to Frankfurt. My first instinct is to worry. Will I have seven hours of a poor baby crying because they cant equalize their ears from the cabin pressure? But as I pay more attention, I realize that these are happy children.

“Look, mommy, we each get our own pillow!” squeals a chubby cheeked 3 yr old boy as he grabs for his sterile-wrapped pillow/blanket. His slightly older sister opts to play it cool as she pushes her Dora the Explorer backpack on wheels under her seat like an old pro. Her dancing bright brown eyes and suppressed smirk, however, give her away. I chuckle to myself as I place my too-heavy backpack in the overhead compartment. “It’s cute how excited kids get about every little thing on a plane,” I state to the retired German-American couple seated behind me. They agree.

After hearing the lovely wife’s backstory and travel plans, I launch into my “get settled” routine for travel… Make sure passport is safely returned to its place in purse. Turn off phone. Take out journal, socks and eye mask. Tuck water bottle and scarf into pocket in front of me. Flip through flight magazine to see if there are any crossword puzzles or other fun brain games. Feel disappointed that there aren’t. Scribble pre-flight thoughts and feelings in journal…

As I slide my feet into my long, smooth, compression socks and fluffy travel booties, I realize that there’s a pep to all of my actions. Wait a sec… I’m happy, dare I say excited, to be settling in on the plane for the long haul. I’m no different than those kids! Who am i kidding? After all these years of travel, i still get giddy and excited about all the little accoutrements the planes offer. I love to fly! And now that it’s no longer for work, but purely to take me to exotic places around the world, I love it even more! It’s not even just about the destination (though that certainly helps!), but the journey and all that I experience in the process. (funny what a perfect analogy that makes with our own lives!) Granted, I may not still feel this way after 24 hours of flying time, but for now, I’m quite content sipping my complimentary adult beverage with not a care in the world besides selecting what movie to watch!


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One Response to I’m like a kid when i fly

  1. Hola Chica,
    Just got into Las Vegas after mucho flight delays out of Guatemala City and vouchers for hotel, dinner and transport handed out to all with connecting flights which we were told we would miss and have to make the next day. Ohhhhhh, so glad it worked out eventually and I have arrived at midnight. Too wound up to sleep. Happy travels Alexsandea

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