And so the journey continues…

Last year’s packing craziness – Before

Last year’s packing craziness – After (thanks to the invaluable packing sacs!!)

It’s time to go back.  Since returning Stateside last November, I have had a return ticket that has been sitting in the corner of my room flipping through old travel magazines, waiting patiently for June 4th to arrive, wondering whether it will be put to good use.  Well, June 4th is just 12 days away, and my little ticket is now scurrying around the house, running errands and trying to decide what to pack this time.

One would think that going away again would feel like an old routine by now, right? That one would be wrong. While the last journey transformed me in ways that I still work on giving words to, embarking upon a new journey is just that – new.  And with it comes all the hopes, fears, anticipations, and nerve-wracking feelings that doing something new and crazy evokes.
Last year I left with the overwhelming need to completely separate myself from my old life and career.  To finally come to the place of knowing, being, and living authentic Zuri. Bali gave me that.  I went exploring deep within my thick jungle of my internal paths and found my own double rainbow centered around the seat of my soul. For the first time in life I can say that I had truly fallen in love with myself. I came home refreshed, renewed, and ready to start my new life.

But what is and will be my new life?  I’m still working on the answer to that.  I disappointingly discovered that personal transformation cannot be simply worked through in an organized fashion like the strategic plans I had become so efficient in constructing and executing for my client organizations in my days of management consulting.

Finding my Bali bliss last year – grilling fish fresh from the ocean over an open-pit fire dug in the ground!

Creating a life lived on purpose, in passion, has proved to be a bit of a different beast.  In a way, it’s a lot more simple. I am not guided by the expectations of the world, of the need to have, prove, or be successful, especially by the western definitions of success.  But when you stop living your life for others and only yourself, then the only person left accountable for your life IS you.  That’s a bit more challenging! It’s SO much easier to blame everyone and everything else for why we aren’t happy or living the life of our dreams.

So with that, it’s time to go again! This time around I am committing to being more active (and responsive) in my blogging as you join me, once again, on this crazy, scary, exciting ride that is my life!

But first, some of the nitty-gritty details that some of you may want to know:

When do I leave?Monday, June 4th

Me learning to dive last fall

How long will I be gone this time? 3 months.
You said that last time and it was 7 months. Seriously. I even have a return ticket this time, set for September 10!
Where are you going? Most likely: Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali
What will you be doing? Exploring, scuba diving, photographing, writing, blogging, eating, personal journey-ing, yoga teacher training (more on this to come!), resting, contemplating, more transforming, and every other -ing verb I can manage or imagine!

“See” ya soon!

Travelingly yours,


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3 Responses to And so the journey continues…

  1. Cecilia says:

    Enjoy and be safe zuri. I’m using the advice you gave me. Can’t wait to read more of your posts on your journey.
    Love, cece 🙂

  2. Hoping we can reconnect in Bali. A lot has happened since we last saw each other, as you may have heard! Alexsandra

  3. William Ward says:

    Be safe and keep us posted. Love you, Uncle William

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