Going on a transformation!

So I just completed the first day of an 11-day transformational retreat. 12 hours in a room of already starting to express your inner-most desires with nine other strangers… Phew! It’s actually really amazing to see the people who are here, hear their journeys, and share a part of myself. I honestly can’t imagine another ten days at this intensity (and tomorrow we start going out and about all around the island!). But it’s all worth it. And how often do you get a chance to take a long, hard exploration inside, with a support system? Ok, so I’ve kinda been doing this for the past two months, but now everything is accelerated!

To maximize the time spent here, we’re supposed to give up all of our creature comforts- all forms of outside communication (tv, phone, Internet, etc) to allow the time and space to be with ourselves and be present in whats going on. I’m actually excited about disconnecting. And at least we are staying in a very nice hotel while we do it! Lol

For your reading pleasure while I’m gone, I had been spending the past couple of days drafting this adorable post on all the things I love and don’t quite love about Bali, and it has somehow been deleted. Grrrr!!!!! Gonna have to go breathe and let that one go now…

Talk to you on the other side!!!

Transformationally yours,


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One Response to Going on a transformation!

  1. Glad you are back, Ms. Zuri. See you at Writers Group today. Looking forward to giving you a great big hug. Love, Kristin

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