The Quiet Life

So I have moved on from the fun and sun of the beach town of Candi Dasa, and am now staying at a lovely retreat center in the small village of Sidemen in the mountains. To say that it is picturesque here would be a vast underestimation of the place. The Nirarta Center for Living Awareness is located on a hill, with the river running at the bottom; I can hear it everywhere, which I find so soothing. There are terraced rice fields, and they grow many of the fruits and vegetables served here. I asked for hibiscus tea one afternoon, and shortly after see one of the staff running out of the kitchen. I think, “no way.” But sure enough, he had gone out to pick fresh hibiscus flowers to with which to make my tea!

The fact that there is no wifi, and I am currently on a dial-up internet connection should be testament to the remoteness as well! I came here to take time for purposeful thought and meditation, and find myself spending more time on the internet working to find a place to stay once I leave here. Grrr… While I do need to decide on my next stay, I am forced to also realize that perhaps I am in avoidance of such focused quiet time with myself. I take part in group meditations twice daily, and find myself having a harder time clearing my head here than anywhere else. The irony! But perhaps its the pressure of seeking ‘perfect meditation’, ‘enhanced clarity’, or whatever else that is preventing me from achieving anything anywhere near that.

So I am releasing myself from the pressures of ‘doing it right’, while also eliminating my scapegoats of internet, texts, and phones in search of pure quiet time with Zuri. We’ll see what happens. In the meantime, I am off to my lovely cottage by the river, with no a/c or screens, to listen to the river roar, look at the verdant mountains, and clear my thoughts.

See you on the other side!!

p.s. I’ll upload more pics when I can pull from my real camera. For now, iPhone shots of my cottage and area will have to do!

My cottage by the river

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2 Responses to The Quiet Life

  1. Beth Rollison says:

    What a wonderful post – I feel like I am there with you! What an incredible place … and no matter what your mind is telling you, you ARE doing what you’re meant to there:) Smile, relax and enjoy!

  2. Buzz Rooney says:

    “Be still and know”

    This is your moment. Enjoy the voice of God you find in the silence!

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