Peanuts, the “begging” nut

So I have changed into my overnight travel clothes and just finished my hour-long nap on the Tarmac waiting to take off. Now that we are in the air and are at cruising altitude, the cabin is all abuzz, even though it is 10:30 at night. I love how the Singapore Air flight attendants immediately sprung to action the instant they heard the ‘ding’, sincerely appearing excited that their jobs had begun.

First to business was to distribute hot towels to refresh ourselves, a tray of our option of water, juice, beer or wine, followed by Planter’s nuts.  I specify them as Planter’s because the package said so; the type big enough to actually buy at the drug store or over priced airport shop, not the domestic-size nuts that you could pour in your mouth all at once (not that I’ve ever ever tried).  So of course everyone accepts their nuts; this is coach we gotta take our perks where we they come! As a travel habit, I stash mine for later as a perfect travel snack when on the go, but this is where I notice the most interesting phenomenon. I see it first with the gentleman next to me who is eating the peanuts out of his hand.  No biggie, but the way he was eating the nuts out of his hand, with his hand held out, positioned face up, if the peanuts weren’t there, it’s just as if he would have been begging for money, saying in an Oliver Twist voice, “Please sir, could you spare some change?”  I looked across the plane and there were rows of these ‘peanut beggars’! It was the most comical sight.

Something so simple that I’ve done and seen done plenty of times, I was suddenly seeing in an entirely new light. I have a feeling that this is just foreshadowing of what I’ll be experiencing a lot – seeing and experiencing life in a whole new light.

Well, dinner is now being served, and I don’t care what others say, I like the food on international flights!

Travelingly (yes, my own affectionate made up word) Yours,


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3 Responses to Peanuts, the “begging” nut

  1. Oscar Broadway says:

    Hey Zuri. Greetings from Okinawa. Hope you don’t mind me peeping your blog. I admire your gumption in undertaking your journey of discovery. As one traveler to another; be safe and enjoy the ride.

    • Zuri W says:

      Thanks for your well-wishes, Oscar! And please do follow along. As I start to get the hang of blogging, I think it helps me process my experience more. Now to just keep up with writing those thoughts down here… Hope all is well in Okinawa! My cousin has been there for a few years and I think is getting a bit frustrated. (I don’t think she get as many breaks away as you). Keep in touch!

  2. I once poured Castries into a sober man’s hand who was begging for a drink and peanuts at the same time. Hope all is well


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