Reality check

Ok I have officially started freaking out. Have I lost my mind???!!! What was I thinking!?!?!!! This is a big deal!! Why didn’t my friends and family grab me by the shoulders say something and say, “what are you doing?!?! Are you sure??” I’m going half way across the world by myself!! And don’t know a soul!

These were the emotions that I was flooded with as I got out of the car and kissed my dad goodbye. Tears that had held on so strongly before couldn’t maintain themselves anymore and just let loose as I walked through the entire check-in process at Washington National Airport. The good or bad thing about planning such a major trip so last minute is that you don’t give yourself time to let the emotional weight of things settle in. Well, no turning back now!! I Just keep putting one foot in front of the other!

I got a few minutes nap on my microleg from DCA to JFK and that helped. Found out that my luggage didn’t make the flight, and having a logistical problem to solve actually helped as well! Now I just feel emotionally spent, but better. I also got a call from an old friend who reminded me that this is what she’s even known that I’ve always wanted to do. So onward we go!!

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4 Responses to Reality check

  1. Sarah says:

    May the Lord bless you and keep you! What a journey.

  2. Michael D says:

    Wow. This is my new favorite blog!

  3. tanyea says:

    Now the reality sets in???? Well now that I have spoken to you I’m sure you’ve realized that it’s too late because the journey has officially started.

    On a side note…..Seriously do you know how to travel with “travel drama”?

    Love ya…
    PS….there are only 2 messages posted on the blog site as of 4/13

  4. Sarah L says:

    Who is this OTHER sarah? Dammit z…. I lost you on Skype. I enjoyed talking to you. Don’t worry you are the smartest, coolest and best looking gal I have ever met and you always turn up ok! I miss you. I hate not being able to run down the street to your house when I need to run away anymore.

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